The Committee

Monmouthshire Wheelers Committee

Chairman – Simon Williams

The role of the Chairperson is to oversee the business of the meetings and to communicate with members on the running and progress of the club.  The ultimate responsibility is to take decisions on behalf of the committee following consultation with its members. The principal duties are:

  • Ensuring appropriate documents, including minutes are available for committee members
  • Organising and chairing committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  • Ensuring that committee members are aware of their roles and responsibilities
  • Act as the ambassador and/or spokesperson for the club
  • Ensuring the club is visible across all areas

Secretary – Andy Dryburgh

A club is nothing without its members and this is therefore a vital role.  The contact with the members is important to the club as are the induction of new ones. The principal duties are:

  • Keeping records of any queries from members and passing it to the appropriate post holder
  • Managing everything to do with membership subscriptions and renewals
  • Keeping the membership database up to date
  • Taking and distributing minutes of meetings

Treasurer – David Mollison

The role of the Treasurer is to oversee the finances of the club and to report on the income and expenditure at committee meetings and the club’s AGM. The main duties are:

  • Managing all income and expenditure, including banking arrangements
  • Managing legal requirements such as taxation and charitable status
  • Reporting annually to the committee on the club’s financial status

Club Development and IT – Chris Jowitt

The role of the development officer is to help the chairman grow the club and liase with external bodies

  • Deal with external groups
  • Provide IT support to the cubs webpage
  • Produce quartely newsletter

Club Development 2 – Craig Williams

The role of the development officer is to help the chairman grow the club and liase with external bodies

Kit Manager – David Kealaher

The role of the kit manager is to liase with Kit suppliers and get best deal for the club

  • Liase with kit supplier
  • open kit windows
  • develop club kit

Auduax Officer – Bob Millar

The role of the audax officer is to develop audax rides on behalf of the club

  • Set-up Audaxes
  • Liase with Audax UK

Membership – Craig Coleman

The role of the membership secretary is to process club memberships