My Wye Valley Warrior – Francesca Fulgoni & Gareth Davies


I have got to say I’ve never experienced a day like it …

I won’t write about the pain and effort .. I’ll write about the comradely ( think that’s the word) that I experienced. From the start with people chatting at the signing on and Sue offering me a sarnie which I politely accepted to staying beside Gill and us getting our nerves sorted together, Chris for being Chris and letting me sing loudly to him and coming back in car to check I was ok .. Andy Pike for well … Getting me through the last 20 miles with positive attitude … The guy who said ‘ hey a lone wheeler ‘ who was from Chippenham and saw I was struggling , stayed beside me and egged me on and handed me a gel … The dead badger for making me realise I was alive when his eau de death hit me ,,, the guy who stopped to fix my chain and then cheered at top of racecourse hill and recognised me .. Stuart for pushing my bike back to car as I couldn’t move .., and if I’ve forgotten anyone sorry !!! But these were the ones that shone out but I enjoyed it and if it wasn’t for the help of the club I wouldn’t still be cycling …, and buying more stuff thanks all!!!! X

– Francesca


will – Will Climbing!

My first sportive!

This was my first sportive, my first 50 plus miles (without being towed along behind the wheelers!) and as I rest on my sofa now I can say I enjoyed it yesterday. At the time I had doubts, especially the climb to Trelleck from Monmouth and the cheeky little bit before Chepstow. But I did it, 3 hrs 44 for my short sportive gives me something to aim to beat. Already looking forward to doing another one in September (no point in rushing!) and looking forward to getting back out on the next Sunday run with the wheelers. – Gareth Davies