A club run not to miss.

Club run 02-09 Usk 09:15:

Making the most of our ‘British summer’ we intend to do one of our more adventurous club runs whilst we have the weather to allow it. We are going to ride over Llangynidr mountain, and enjoy the 15 mile descent through Blaneavon and back to Usk.

The ride will start at Usk car park [click here to view it], behind the Usk museum where the public toilets can be found. Parking is free all day, and we will be meeting at 09:15 to leave at 09:30.

The Garmin course can be found here, and the Garmin file can be downloaded from our Facebook group. We will stop for coffee and cake at 35 miles in, so please make sure you have plenty and food and water to get you that far. If you would like to join us for the first time please let us know via Facebook and we will be sure to meet you on the day and make sure you have somebody to ride with.

The outcome of our meeting with British & Welsh cycling:

Wednesday night we met with British Cycling and MCC to discuss the development of our club and the ways in which we could work together to advance it. The meeting was extremely positive and productive and we had the great pleasure of meeting Bill Owen a Director of GB Cycling, Ian Jenkins from Welsh Cycling and Ian Saunders of Monmouthshire County Council. Everyone was equally keen to support our aims and expressed a strong commitment to helping us develop the club further.

Specifics of our discussion:

– Affiliation to a cycling association: Ian J has explained the benefits of joining British Cycling. It was felt that of all the bodies we could join, this would create best exposure for the club, offer third party liability insurance for the club and discounts, on items such as personal liability insurance.
– Bank account: needs to be changed from a personal account to a club account, which is already being actioned as we appreciate this was a short term measure
– Club constitution: once the club becomes a recognised club by British Cycling there is a requirement for us to have a constitution. Ours is currently being worked on and all will be able to view in due course. Along with this, there will be a list of Club Guidelines/ Rules that all riders will be expected to comply with for personal safety reasons.
– Funding options and opportunities for club start-up: we discussed the potential to work with MCC to maximise opportunities such as grant funding to help with start up costs and a raft of other incentives. Pending notification of a looming deadline, we may have the option to bid as early as next week.
– Website, social media and communications generally: British Cycling are experiencing a huge boom at this time as more and more people seek to join clubs. Therefore a huge priority for us has to be getting the website up and running immediately. They have suggested in the strongest terms that we focus on this straightaway.

It would appear the club fulfils an important gap in provision in the area and with some eighteen members and 54 Facebook friends, we should now be turning to paid members in order to offer benefits available. We also need to look at recruiting more volunteers to assist with club growth. If we can work with British Cycling on this, it would be of mutual benefit. As you know, Sue Hollins is our point of contact for this.

Our core objective is to create an inclusive club where anyone can step forward and get involved. As always, if you have any ideas or want to become more involved in any aspect of this, please email monmouthshirewheelers@yahoo.co.uk